Our first prize winner.

Magnus Carlson from Weeping Willows receives the 2024 Art for the Globe Award.


The Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most polluted seas.
An area of the seabed larger than Denmark is dead. We humans are the ones who have caused it with over-fertilisation, oil spills and fishing.


The politicians do what they can. 
Scientists and environmental activists, too.
But the artist has other means.
Throughout history, talented painters, musicians, authors and actors have played an explanatory role in our society. They are the visionaries who seek to illuminate so that the rest of us have a sense of reality. 
Magnus Carlsson is the lead singer of the Weeping Willows. 
For nearly twenty years, he has been using his microphone to be heard beyond the concert hall. 
"It started when I became a father. My perspectives changed that night. The questions were different: what will our future look like? My focus was on water, the source of life." 
Magnus used his cultural personality as a source of engagement. It started with support concerts for environmental organisations. 
Which led to an invitation to the TV show 
“Så mycket bättre” in 2016 (where Magnus taught the other participants how to make spawning grounds for endangered fish). That led to an appearance in “Sommar” on P1 (where Magnus focused the entire programme on the vulnerability of the globe). He went on to write a book “En annan framtid” (where Magnus writes about his personal sustainability journey), which sowed the seeds of Weeping Willow’s acclaimed album “After us” about the Earth’s future.
Like ripples on the water.

One thing leads to another.


Magnus attracts a new audience to listen to the big environmental issues. He uses the strange ability of culture to touch us deep within, deeper than warnings and alarming reports can do.


That’s why we are very proud to award Magnus Carlson
the 2024 Art for the Globe Award. 


In addition to the prize of SEK 500,000, the winner also receives the artwork Mönstrad måne. 
Sculptural painting, mixed technique, 2024 Artwork awarded to Magnus Carlson on 13 March 2024. Artist, Karin Lundgren-Tallinger. Born in Nynäshamn and residing in Stockholm. Educated at art colleges in Stockholm, Bergen and Copenhagen. 
Exhibition in the Cornelia Sojdelius Gallery in Stockholm in 2023. Represented by Public Art Agency Sweden.

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